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Welcome to Le-Amen Education Centre’s 2021 Registration / Enrollment  page.

register for homeschool

Please take note of the following steps to ensure that you successfully enrol and register at Le-Amen. Our Enrolment and Registration documentation are in full compliance with the Department of Basic Education
Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team by clicking here

Please read the relevent “manuals for the grade”

Select the correct Application form according to grade and language

Fill in the form with the required documents including Proof of Payment

A successful Register for Homeschool will occur automatically once the form and payment has been received.

All signatures of all parties must be completed on the application form and declaration forms or application will be put on hold

An affidavit attached is needed when there is only one parent’s signature

Please make sure that all contact details are correct.

Please fill in the registration form and attach all the required documents in order to successfully register for Homeschool education at Le Amen.

For assistance or queries fill in our Contact Form or Email us at info@le-amen.co.za

You can also call us on 011 958 0366

Grade 0 - 9

Grade 10 - 12

Registration Form Grade 0 - 9