Private Schools in Roodepoort

Le-Amen private schools in Roodepoort are an Educational Institute based in Ruimsig, Roodepoort.

In order to place our undivided attention on the learners entrusted into our environment,  we have always maintained only one private school, situated in Ruimsig in the West Rand area of Gauteng. Unlike a number of other private schools in Roodepoort, Le-Amen does not have any Franchises or Branches.

Le-Amen Private school birthed out of Le-Amen Education Centre and has always been at the heart of Le-Amen to supply quality and learner-focused education.

Le-Amen Private School is registered with the Department of Education. Registration number: Jw700 400 627 GDE

Le-Amen Private School has been a part of South African education for just under 20 years.

Le-Amen has challenged every traditional and conventional practice in education in our country and become known for trend-setting assessment and guidelines in the distance education market. Their academic success is proven.

Le-Amen is a trail-blazer in innovative and forward-thinking education.

Le-Amen offers every student the opportunity to excel and every student is acknowledged for who they are and for the potential they have.

The child-centred approach is inherent and at the core of Le-Amen. This is the Foundation and the basis of the School.

Le-Amen has always been known for there ongoing commitment to sound education that enables learners to build a strong foundation to ensure that they have the correct tools to succeed in life.

Le-amen is committed to ensure that the relationship between the requirements of the DOE are always implemented and followed whilst implementing the values and beliefs of Le-Amen.

We believe that every student needs the infrastructure, support and love to be able to examine and realise their own potential.

Le-Amen believes that dreams are realized when the relationship between commitment, dedication and a desire to learn collate. Fill in the form with the required documents and either e-mail or fax them back to us